Even great images can be improved by the experts in Quad/Graphics' Desktop Services Department. We offer full Macintosh workstation services, including high-end scanning, page assembly, trapping, composition, electronic imposition, color correction, and electronic retouching.

Ironically, when these essential services are executed precisely, as our experienced professionals ensure, you don’t even notice them. All you see is a perfectly crafted image. But the difference between an original image and one that has been optimized by our skilled staff can be astonishing. It can make all the difference between a graphic that pops and one that fizzles.

Quad/Graphics' sophisticated retouching technology and equipment allow us to perfect images by controlling brightness, tonal separation and contrast, clarity and balance. With an artist’s eye, we remove distracting background visuals, size images for maximum impact, and enhance overall image quality. Expert image retouching. Just another benefit of Quad/Graphics' first-class Desktop Services Department.

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