Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept whereby companies are attentive to the concerns of not only their shareholders, but also the interests of customers, employees and society in general. As a result of being concerned with these groups, companies are able to operate profitably while improving the world as a whole.

Quad/Graphics has followed its own policy of CSR long before the term became popular. The company participates in a variety of philanthropic causes, promotes an in-house recycling program, has reduced its energy consumption, curtailed its greenhouse gas emissions and uses vegetable based inks with little or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to name a few. These initiatives help make Quad/Graphics a better corporate citizen by making the world a better place.

Quad/Graphics is continuing the heritage of CSR with its certification by the Forestry Stewardship Council® (FSC®). This is an "international organization that brings people together to find solutions which promote responsible stewardship of the world’s forests." ( It is a voluntary program recognizing printed products that promote responsible forest management. By maintaining a chain of custody that begins at the paper mill and ends with final delivery we are able to ensure that final printed material meets FSC® standards. Our clients are able to publicize their involvement with protecting our forests by placing Quad/Graphics’ FSC® label on printed pieces.

Quad/Graphics understands that while profitability is important to its long-term health, the sustainability of the population and environment are equally as important. The company is therefore committed to reducing its impact on the environment through constant vigilance. We welcome suggestions that are aligned with this goal.

Here are a few places to learn more about how you can help make the world a better place.

Below are more detailed descriptions of the components of how Quad/Graphics implements its CSR policy.

Environmental Policy

Quad/Graphics is certified with the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) which sets high standards that ensure forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable way. FSC® is the most common certification and was set up in 1993 as the world’s first independent labeling system for forest products. In order to use any of these logos as an “environmental claim” on paper, the paper products must flow through a “chain-of-custody” from the certified forests to a paper manufacturer, merchant, and finally the printer. All parties that handle the paper product must have chain-of-custody certification(s).

Many of our clients are looking for ways to minimize their impact on the environment beyond recycled papers. Forest certification enables our clients to make informed choices when selecting papers for their printing needs. Quad/Graphics offers an array of green paper products so your company, or your client, can demonstrate its commitment to responsible forest management and sound business practices.

What is Quad/Graphics doing to make printing greener?

While we work to provide our clients with a superior product we also understand their environmental concerns. Quad/Graphics directs resources toward our commitment to "green" printing -striving for 100% sustainability.

Sustainability meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainability secures people's quality of life within nature in a way that is fair and equitable to all humanity, other species and to future generations. Sustainability recognizes the inter-relatedness of the economy, society, and environment. It requires that we not consume resources faster than they can be renewed nor produce wastes faster than they can be absorbed.

Green Initiatives

Quad/Graphics utilizes materials, wherever possible, derived from renewable resources or with low environmental impact, taking into mind recycling and recovery efforts. In our manufacturing process we:

  • Encourage client use of recycled and FSC® Certified papers
  • Recycle 100% of our paper waste

    2,479,218 pounds of paper recycled in 2010

  • Recycle 100% used aluminum plates, and corrugated material

    34,668 pounds of aluminum plates recycled in 2010

  • Use low VOC solvents
  • Use TOYO renewable vegetable oil based Inks
  • Use TOYO UV inks with virtually no VOC’s

Quad/Graphics understands that the most eco-friendly practices start with consuming only what is necessary therefore we track the usage of our raw materials and make a concerted effort to improve on our usage from year to year.

  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Plating Waste Reduction
  • Make Ready Waste Reduction
  • “Just in time” ordering, to prevent material obsolesces
  • PDF proofing, where feasible, eliminating paper, ink, cost, time and fuel consumption

Quad/graphics offers digital printing, giving customers the ability to print exactly what they need, when they need it most. This flexibility keeps customers up to speed with their changing business needs without having to print in bulk. In addition to lowering printing costs, digital printing on demand lowers paper waste, ink, and energy use.

Consumer demand is growing, printing industry suppliers are developing new green programs and governments are creating new policies to encourage sustainable practices. The success of our company depends on responsible environmental stewardship. Quad/Graphics is supportive of all initiatives that reduce the impacts that aspects of printing have on the environment. We will continuously improve our environmental performance through economically sound, ecologically sensitive, socially appropriate, and technologically practical processes.

Sustainable Management Policy

We supply quality products and services. This requires the commitment of everyone at Quad/Graphics to pursue our activities safely, protecting our health and preserving the environment. Each Quad/Graphics associate has committed to this goal, and we engage each other as a team to assure our success.

  • To realize this vision we will:
  • Utilize our continuous improvement program to identify, review and establish our annual sustainability goals
  • Comply with the environmental, health, and safety legal requirements pertinent to our company
  • Commit to pollution prevention that emphasizes source reduction, reuse and recycling throughout our facility and processes
  • Comply with the requirements of other initiatives we enter into in accordance with our commitment to offer quality products and services
  • Produce quality finished goods without risk to workers' health
  • Operate the company with a minimum of waste, in current and future operations
  • Maintain our vehicles in optimal condition to minimize their consumption of fuel and their emissions to the atmosphere
  • Manage our chemical products safely, principally to prevent spills in their storage and transport
  • Communicate our progress to our employees, vendors, community neighbors and other interested parties on the actions we are taking to minimize our impact and achieve our sustainability goals

This policy and any subsequent modifications should be familiar to all employees and available to the public. Implementation of this policy is a primary objective of the President and the responsibility of all employees.